Jiten Hazarika
¡°I have possibilities, I know, but under which stone they lie buried I do not know,¡± said Albert Camus. But it appears Jiten was able to find the stone overlaying his particular possibilities even as a child. An unspoilt freshness and a moving simplicity are the hallmarks of his work.  Aristotle said: ¡°We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an art but a habit.¡± Jiten concurs wholeheartedly. He would find slipshod and mindless effort enervating, he feels, given his habitual diligence and attention to detail, attested to by the minutiae woven into the magnificent oriental rug that is his work.  His is a highly individualistic interpretation of our visual reality.  Jiten's paintings may be broadly categorized as Figurative Abstract. In Jiten¡¯s work, seemingly divergent Realism and Abstraction converge to a brilliant point...
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